RoboKnight's Round Table

Welcome to the Court of FTC Team 8569, The RoboKnights!
We are a veteran FIRST team of 8th to 12th-grade future engineers who wish to create an efficient and cool robot for the
2016-17 FTC Challenge, Velocity Vortex. Come meet the team, see our schedule, watch how far we've come and where we're going. We're excited to see where this season is taking us and hope you can join us for the ride.

The Sections:
Meet the Knights:
Meet out Team members! Learn their likes, dislikes, and bask in their beautiful faces.

Learn what we're doing and when to try and catch one of our glorious events.

Pictures of the Knights:
See the RoboKnights in action! See us at tournaments, helping the community, or just plain having fun.

Hall of Fame:
Take a look at our generous sponsors, maybe even take a look at their products. Please do they are wonderful partners.

Come Join the Kingdom:

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