Triangle SumoBots at Robot Rumble

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On April 13, 2013 at Robot Rumble at the NC Museum of Life and Science, in Durham, NC. Hosted by Camelot Academy's RoboKnights!

SumoBots is a competition where two robots attempt to push each other out of an arena (Dohyo) using mechanisms, cunning, and brute force.  The goal is to create a SumoBot that can push its opponent out of the Dohyo before being pushed out by the competing SumoBot.  SumoBots must be completely autonomous — that is, acting independently of humans.  NO remote control.

Our weekend with the Museum started on Friday evening with Yuri's Night: 52 Years ago Yuri Gagarin became the first human in space. The Museum hosted a monthly "After Hours" program for the 21 and over crowd. It was a great event!  The adults had a great time showing off the SumoBots and talking with the museum guests.

Saturday started early. Including Camelot Academy teams we had approximately 90 kids from across the triangle competing in the Triangle Sumobots 2013 Tournament. Most were from Holly Grove Middle School, Triangle Math & Science Academy and Camelot Academy, but we also had several other schools and four individuals competing. We had a large crowd of invited teams and museum guests. We set-up an overhead camera from the ceiling to project the robots on the wall for easier viewing from the back of the crowd! It was a great success for the RoboKnights, Camelot Academy and the Museum. 

Our first round, the Yin division, had 16 teams in double elimination competition. The Yang division was in the afternoon with 8 teams. The Final division brought the eight top competitors from the Yin and Yang divisions to another double elimination round. We had some stiff competition. All of the teams were proud of their own work, supported their fellow teams, and showed great respect to the other school's teams. At the very end, all teams that made it to the Finals were recognized, with the top 4 teams winning LEGO Sumo Trophies. The first place winner, WedgeBot, was undefeated.
(See the file below called "SumoBots 2013" for the "brackets".)

Firstly, we would like thank all the coaches for bringing their teams. Without all your hard work there would be no teams...

We would like to thank a couple of people who totally made the event possible... Zack Coutant (Dohyo Master) and Daniel MacDonald (Rules Enforcer).

Thanks to the Museum and to all those who took part in the Robot Rumble.

Also, We would like to thank our Camelot Academy parents... Chris Rusconi (team manager, MC in the YANG division), Bob Sutton (MC Yin division, and morning robot inspector and set up) , TJ Johnson (check in and robot inspection table), Bob Radcliffe (Official time keeper), Tina Sanders-Hill (team management), Carole Bruhn (check in and check out of robots) and Becky Wilkes (Set-up Friday evening,  information table and robot check in and check out). 

Two Camelot Academy teams, Sir Sutton and The Sparks, made it into the final round. The Sparks finished in Third place and won a LEGO Sumo trophy!

When we asked the teams if they wanted to do it again next year... there was a resounding "YES" !

Chris Wilkes, Robyn Stephens and Amanda Fox
Camelot Academy SumoBot Fanatics

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